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Disconnected: Education without Connection

Caroline Connolly, Web Editor; Reporter

April 8, 2020

With the vast majority of schools switching over to remote learning, many students are being left behind. Nationalized online education is feasible for the first time in history due to a largely globalized society, but distric...

‘Young readers build future leaders’: Park Hill student works to build up young readers

Anna Turnbull, Editor-In-Chief

November 19, 2019

“To be successful in any career you will need to know how to read,” said Torin Stephens, a student at Park Hill High School and employee of the Mid-Continent Public Library.  Stephens went through an extensive interview...

Addition to the Feature: Behind the Cosplay Characters

Anna Turnbull, Editor-In-Chief

May 27, 2019

As The Trojan covered in the latest issue, a specialized dressed group of people, cosplayers, it is important to take a deeper look into who makes the magic happen. “What I do is I take commissions from people, so they pay me t...

A+ College of the Week

A+ College of the Week

March 14, 2019

Weirdest Love Stories in History

Dana Labart, Reporter

February 12, 2019

Bonnie & Clyde: Bonnie and Clyde, an infamous American outlaw couple, met in Texas in 1930. She was 19 and he was 21. They “fell in love” right after meeting through a mutual friend, but their bond only grew strong...

The Bestest of Buddies

The Bestest of Buddies

January 16, 2019

What Do Criminals Look For?

Ashlynn Baugher, Reporter

January 14, 2019

Seven seconds is all it takes for a criminal to decide on whether you are a good victim. What does the criminal look for? What makes a victim an easy target? How can you prevent yourself from being a victim of crime? As weird ...

I’m Not For Sale

I’m Not For Sale

January 14, 2019

How to Weatherize Your Car

Tessa Poolman, Reporter

January 10, 2019

    The winter weather is getting more treacherous as we get deeper into the season, and the fear of car trouble creeps into our brains. This season try to stay proactive and help prepare your car for the harsh conditions. H...

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