NASA Announces Plans for 2024 Moon Landing


Daniel Brinkmeyer, Reporter

This July will mark 50 years since the Apollo 11 space mission reached the Moon in 1969, and Neil Armstrong became the first man to ever set foot on the Moon.

And on May 14th, NASA announced through a video posted to Youtube, that “we are going” back.

The video, entitled ‘We Are Going,’ outlined NASA’s plans for the first manned moon-mission since the 70’s, and since amassing nearly 11 million views, it’s clear that the world is excited.

“SLS (Space Launch System) will be the most powerful rocket ever developed,” said one of many of spokespeople for the space organization that appeared throughout the four-minute video.

“And with components and production, and more in testing,” said a cacophany of various spokespeople,  “this system is capable of being the catalyst for deep space missions.”

This announcement is huge.

It’s the first time the space organization has expressed major plans for space travel in a long while. In the last few years, they’ve made many major advancements in their telescopes, and capturing images of things we’ve never been able to before, like the first ever picture of a black hole that was released in April.

But this specific endeavor is too monumental for a simple announcement. There was no way NASA couldn’t give a little explanation, presumably with a video, which does a thorough job explaining their plans and what the future is shaping up to become.

“This is the next chapter of human space exploration,” said NASA, and we’re watching it unfold right before our eyes.