Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…


Daniel Brinkmeyer, Reporter

Celebrating the future is something far from uncommon for high school seniors. With their entire lives only a summer away from becoming reality, it’d be hard to imagine there being no excitement. The counseling department knows this, and shares the same excitement with students.

“I love to hear what people are doing and where they’re going,” said counselor Amy Reeves. “There’s just so many different avenues. It’s so cool.”

Since last year, the counseling department has thrown a “decision day” party in the cafeteria annex during lunch in celebration of the seniors and their high school journey coming to a close.

The annex is complete with a college-trivia game, a photobooth with props for days, and a small station to write messages on postcards to fellow seniors who are graduating.

“We changed the name,” said Reeves, “instead of ‘College Signing Day’ we changed it to ‘Decision Day,’ so that it incorporates military, army, and people that are going to work, to be more inclusive.”

In the midst of the festivities, senior Sabrina Lane shared that she’d be attending Drury University in the fall. “It’s just a good fit for me,” said Lane, “a good size, they had the sport I wanted and the major I wanted, so it was great.”

Senior Lauren Obie is attending Maple Woods “for two years, then going to a four-year,” she said, because she’s “taking advantage” of the A+ hours she’s accumulated over the last four years.

Wheaton College is the perfect fit for senior Soonmin Kwon, who is attending because “their financial aid was very good.”

Reeves believes it’s important to celebrate these major decisions because “kids work so hard. I’m so proud. They’re amazing.”

As the year comes to a close, and graduation approaches, the seniors take their first steps into the world, and Amy Reeves, along with the entire Park Hill Staff, wish them the best of luck.