Bowling Club Pinning the Win

Bowling Club Pinning the Win

Zoe Cain, Reporter

The bowling club has struck once again and it made them district champions! The bowling teams hard work has finally paid off, receiving their first place title this past weekend at Sterling Bowl Independence. Elijah Shore is a teacher at Park Hill and the supervisor of the Bowling Club.

I started the Bowling Trojans 4 years ago as a club and a way for kids who liked bowling. It turns out we have several very talented bowlers at the school, and we have done better every year. Our first year we finished fourteenth at the district tournament, then we finished sixth, then fifth, and then this year we won,” said Shore.

“We practice as a club on Thursdays after school. The varsity team practices also on Monday nights. Several of the students also participate in a league on Saturday mornings” said Shore.

The intensity that goes through the bowling alley could also be compared to any other sport.

“I’d say the intensity at the bowling alley is greater than at our high school football games, mostly because the noise is trapped indoors, but less then a basketball game. Because everyone at the basketball game is watching the same game, whereas at the bowling alley, everyone is engaged, rooting for one of the 8 matches going on at once” said Shore.

Next time a bowling club member is in the room, make sure to tell them congratulations, they’ve earned it.