PHHS Math Team Does e^(x)cellent!


Tessa Poolman, Reporter


        On Tuesday April 10, math students competed in the 51st Pitt State Math Competition. There were several events that students could compete in, including programming, analytic geometry, algebraic simplifications, computational math and team events.  

“What I love about Pitt State is the students do except to do as well as they do because they are always being assessed against each other,” said advisor Kristi Whitmer. “It really builds their excitement and confidence for math.”

The four person calculator team, Eunice Jung, Vince Lewis, Frances Swayne, Elizabeth Apple finished 3rd. The other four person team of Xander Edwards, Joel J-Norris, Nick Bender and Arkadeep Ghosh took home first in the trigonometry competition.

The team stood out this year.

“We did take home a lot of medals more than I thought, a little more than average,” said Whitmer.


Trigonometry Team: 1st – Xander Edwards, Joel J-Norris, Nick Bender and Arkadeep Ghosh


Calculator Team: 3rd – Eunice Jung, Vince Lewis, Frances Swayne, and Elizabeth Appel


Individual Events 1st – 3rd:


Miguel Machado: 2nd place in 10th Grade Algebraic Simplifications


Alex Kalisz: 2nd place in 11th Grade Analytic Geometry


Vincent Lewis: 2nd Place in 11th Grade Programming


Emily Godley: 3rd place in 11th Grade Potpourri (tie)


Wasila Sun: 3rd Place 11th Grade Potpourri (tie)


Frances Swayne: 3rd Place 11th Grade Computational Math


Murad Rahimov: 3rd Place 12th Grade Analytic Geometry


Joel J-Norris: 3rd Place 12th Grade Number Theory, 2nd Place Logic and Set Theory


Elizabeth Appel: 1st place 12th Grade Trigonometry


Maggie Boecker: 2nd Place 12th Grade Trigonometry


Liz North: 3rd Place 12th GradeAlgebraic Simplifications


Adrian Ampon: 1st Place 11th Grade Programming


Nick Bender: 1st Place 12th Grade Analysis, 1st Place Functions


Arkadeep Ghosh: 2nd Place 12th Grade Analysis


Chris Burke: 2nd Place 12th Grade Programming

A number of students also ranked top ten!