Counting Competition

Students prepare to compete in the Pitt State Math Competition

Alex Kalisz, Web Editor

On April 9, students will be competing at the 51st annual Pitt State math competition. Students in all grades will board a bus at 6:30 a.m. to Pitt State University.

“It’s a competition broken into several mathematical concepts where students can compete and an individual or team level. 1-3rd get medals and 1st senior gets a scholarship,” said Math Club sponsor and AP Calculus teacher Kristi Whitmer.

While it may seem dull to competitively do math, a number of students look forward to compete.

“I’m excited to miss school and win medals,” said sophomore Annelyse Herlin.

Herlin is not alone in her enthusiasm.

“It’s gonna be a good time,” said junior Nick Bender. “Math is the best.”

The students’ excitement is reflected in Whitmer.

“I love getting to know the students who go even more and watching their excitement when they’re successful after they dominate the competition,” said Whitmer. “Park Hill always rockstars.”