Student Council Hosts Annual Blood Drive


Tessa Poolman, Reporter

Student Council offered students a chance to save up to three lives on April 3rd during the annual blood drive. And if saving three lives isn’t enough motivation to donate, local business like Papa Johns and Smoothie king donate special treats for the donors. The community blood center also brings some quick snacks like oreos and nutter butters!  

Students 16 or older can donate blood, although a parent signature is needed for students under 17.

“[I wanted to donate because] I saw you could save three lives and having my internship at the hospital,” said junior Bella Anderson.

The community blood center also offers students to donate double red cells through the Alyx machine.

“It draws your blood out and spins it in a centrifuge and separates your plasma from your red cells, and then it does return phases where you’ll get your plasma back,” said Katie Ebert a mobile phlebotomist for the blood center.  

This process is call apheresis and it works efficiently and effectively.

“All we have to do is get these first tubes tested and then we can send it right to the hospitals,” said Ebert.

The next blood drive will be in the fall of 2019.