Marching to Victory, Band Earns Awards at Solo Ensemble

Alex Kalisz, Web Editor

The MSHAA District Solo and Ensemble festival took place on March 29. While there, band students performed solos and played in groups ranging from trios to octets.

“I’d say the Solo Ensemble Festival is probably one of the band events that people look forward the most to. We practice for months in hopes of getting the highest rating,” said junior Grace Yu.

For a number of students, that dream of reaching the highest rating was achieved.

“I like practiced a couple hours a day and I focused on my problem areas a lot.  It honestly feels great and I’m glad that I didn’t waste my time and I got a 1,” said junior trumpet player Angela Mast.

She received the highest distinction in both a brass trio and a solo and will be heading to state.

“Going to state is probably the best band experience you’ll have. Missing school for a trip to Mizzou with your friends? Count me in,” said Yu.


All of the students who earned awards are listed down below.

The following students received a Developing Rating


Clarinet Trio: Frances Swayne (11), Jessica Smith (10), Callie Clopp (10)

Woodwind Trio: Rylie Bishop (10), Melina Edwards (10), Brady Lisec (10)

The following students received a Satisfactory Rating


Owen Mustain (10) – Trumpet Solo

Regan Smith (12) – Trombone Solo

The following students received an Outstanding Rating


Clarinet Trio: Fatima Haesemeyer (12), Isaac Falls (10), Aron Thieman (11)

Brass Sextet: Sam Panico (9), Angela Mast (11), Annemarie Jones (10), Aimen Zieske (11), Dana Labart (11), Sadie Mikuls (10)


Kassidy Wagner (12) – Piccolo Solo

Atalie Dycus (11) – Flute Solo

Emily Godley (11) – Flute Solo

Regan Smith (12) – Flute Solo

Fatima Haesemeyer (12) – Clarinet Solo

Callie Clopp (10) – Bass Clarinet Solo

Pierce Saylock (12) – Tenor Saxophone Solo

Sam Panico (9) – Trumpet Solo

Braeden Buttron (10) – Marimba Solo

Cole Codding (9) – Marimba Solo

Cassi Koch (10) – Marimba Solo

Luke Zahnd (11) – Snare Drum Solo

Adam Keehler (9) – Snare Drum Solo

Jared Blahnik (9) – Timpani Solo

The following students received an Exemplary Rating and will be performing again at State!


Flute Trio: Alex Nguyen (9), Anneliese Herlyn (11), Kassidy Wagner (12)

Sax Quartet: Evan Ericksen (12), Trevor Steven (10), Pierce Saylock (12), Logan Steele (9)

Horn Trio: Elizabeth Appel (11), Annemarie Jones (10), Isabelle Pham (11)

Brass Trio: Angela Mast (11), Elizabeth Appel (11), Arkadeep Ghosh (11)

Percussion Trio: Zach Howard (12), Blake Harris (12), Jeremy Kasper (12)


Anneliese Herlyn (11) – Piccolo Solo

Anneliese Herlyn (11) – Flute Solo

Alex Nguyen (9) – Flute Solo

Kassidy Wagner (12) – Flute Solo

Trevor Stevens (10) – Alto Saxophone Solo

Evan Ericksen (12) – Tenor Saxophone Solo

Angela Mast (11) – Trumpet Solo

Annemarie Jones (10) – French Horn Solo

Arkadeep Ghosh (11) – Trombone Solo

Aimen Zieske (11) – Trombone Solo

Tyler Horton (10) – Xylophone Solo

Isabella Farrell (10) – Marimba Solo

Zach Howard (12) – Marimba Solo

Jennifer Klein (10) – Marimba Solo

Blake Harris (12) – Snare Drum Solo

Sam Panico (9) – Piano Solo