Bowling Club Striking Their Way to Regionals

Bowling Club Striking Their Way to Regionals

Ashlynn Baugher, Reporter

Bowling club has a winning streak and this is looking perfect for Regionals.

“The team has had four tournaments so far this year and finished 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, and 3rd out of about 16-18 teams per tournament,” said bowling club sponsor, Elijah Shore. This determines whether they can enter the $10,000 State tournament.

This amazing opportunity splits the $10,000 scholarship amongst the top team’s players. The money comes from the Missouri Bowling Proprietors Association. The scholarship started when all of the bowling alleys put up vending machines and agreed on splitting the revenue, it was then decided to be used as a scholarship for high school bowlers.

On April 14th, the Regional Tournament will take place and scoring in the Top 5 will qualify the team to participate in the State Tournament.  

This years success for bowling club is unprecedented.

“Junior year we lost some key seniors but gained some replacement underclassmen with a lot of skill and incredible potential. As we worked out some kinks in practices on Monday nights and Thursdays after school we established a solid and competitive bowling team that was actually able to qualify for state,” said senior Alex Nelson.

This year things are looking great for the team, they’ve placed 3rd or higher at every tournament that involves 16-18 teams. If this streak continues then they will qualify for State and have the chance to win a $10,000 scholarship. For Nelson, however, there is a full ride scholarship waiting for him at Baker University.

Tanner Eckerle became the 2nd bowler under the age 18 in 20 years that has scored a perfect game at Gladstone Bowl. After he shot his first 300, a perfect game, he received a ring and a trophy for his amazing accomplishment.