A+ College of the Week


Dana Labart, Reporter

In recent weeks, the A+ Program has been choosing a “college of the week” to highlight and promote. So far, they have put the spotlight on Avila, Northwest, Truman State, Missouri Southern, MO West, Park, and Kansas City Art Institute. All located in Missouri, they are colleges that offer scholarships of all ranges to students who completed the program.

To complete the A+ program you must meet all of the Missouri requirements.

“My goal was to make students more aware of the other benefits of completing the A+ program,” said Ellen Reys, one of the A+ coordinators at Park Hill. “There are a lot of people that relate the A+ program with free community college and while this is the main financial incentive for finishing the A+ program, there are other universities out there that want A+ students on their campuses and are willing to give recognition scholarships to those students.”

Doing A+ hours and going to a college in Missouri would save students a lot more money than they think.

“We have the list of all Missouri community/technical schools that honor A+, as well as the 4-year colleges and universities that offer recognition scholarships.” said Reys, “One thing that students need to take notice of is that these four-year schools are offering their own money to A+ students, the money is not coming from the state as it does for community/technical schools,”

Along with highlighting the school itself, they also decide to feature the faculty who attended those schools.

“We have featured our staff members that went to these schools so that students have the opportunity to speak with these teachers about their experience,” said Reys.

In-state tuition is significantly lower than out of state schools and by putting attention on the benefits of going to a 4 year Missouri school, the A+ office is hoping to encourage more attendance at the universities that accept A+ and provide scholarships.

“Students need to understand the true cost of college and that there are ways of lowering the cost and lessening the financial burden,” said Reys.