Local Team Proposes A Change

Local Team Proposes A Change

Anna Turnbull, Editor-In-Chief

A team we all keep close to our hearts, the Chiefs, took a tragic loss to the Patriots on Jan. 20 in the NFL Conference Championships. Many were outraged after the Patriots scored their final points in overtime, while Mahomes never touched the ball during overtime, but imagine what it would be like if the Chiefs would have gotten the ball back.

The Kansas City Chiefs have evidently processed this too due to their recent proposal. According to KMBC News, the team wants to amend the National Football League’s overtime rules, more specifically Rule 16, the sudden-death procedure in a circumstance where the score is tied. They want to do this to give both teams the ball before the end of overtime, even if the coin toss winner scores a touchdown.

They also want to delete the overtime coin toss as a whole. The Chiefs want the winners of the initial coin toss to decide whether to kick or receive.

Added to this amendment, the Chiefs also seek to not allow overtime in preseason games.

Many Kansas City fans are very excited about this new change to prevent the happenings on Jan. 20 from disappointing the city again.