A Night to Remember


Haylee Harrell, Reporter

On Friday, Feb. 22, young ladies and gentlemen climbed up the school’s stairwell in all of their fineries. With their faces concealed in masks and parents in tow, the latest generation of the district’s children embarked on a night filled with partying and dancing at the annual Family Dance.

There were games, food, punch and dancing to complete a night of family fun. Students and their parents tested their luck with bingo, tried to win treats in a cake dance and showed off their best moves on the dance floor.

Formerly known as the Father-Daughter Dance, this year’s dance is the second time that boys have been invited in the 15 or more years the dance has been occurring.

“We had way more boys this year,” said Student Council Advisor Baily England. “And all of the boys were dressed up. They looked cute in their little outfits.”

With over 900 people in attendance, a lot of planning was involved to make the dance a reality. Student Council began preparing at the beginning of the second semester and worked to perfect the school until just minutes before the dance. They picked the theme, bought decorations, food and drinks, decorated, set up games and rented a DJ.

All of the Student Council’s hard work certainly paid off.

Third grader Lyla Shrum said that the dance was “awesome,” and she proudly showed off the boutonniere she picked out for her dad that matches her corsage. With a huge smile stretched across her face, she said that she would “definitely be coming back next year.”