After the Curtain Falls

After the Curtain Falls

Dana Labart, Reporter


A lot of people wonder what exactly this class is- stagecraft is a theater class dedicated to set building and construction. Every production at Park Hill has a set made especially for it. These sets are created by the class, which is headed by Jennifer Sandau.

    “Stagecraft is a production course specifically dedicated to the design, construction, and painting of sets,” said Sandau. “After the show, the kids take apart the set and put everything away.”

   Senior Marta Richenburg is enrolled in the class this semester and took part in designing the set for the play, CLUE: On Stage.

    “I took this class because I love theater, but also because I really wanted to learn more about building and construction,” Richenburg said. “I really enjoyed watching everything come together after months of hard work. Especially on show night. To see it all on the stage was really awesome.”

    However, what happens after the play is finished? With no more shows this year and the set of CLUE taken apart, what else could they possibly do?

    Well, they actually do a lot. With a project that takes countless weeks, they create an entire scale set all by themselves. Each individual student chooses a play to analyze. After reading and watching it, they are required to present their analysis of the play. After that, they have to create a floor plan based on how they want it to look. The students then create a scale model of their own design and show the class their final work.

    Creating an entire floor plan, as well as a model of a set usually takes a lot of hard work and time, which will show in the presentation of their projects. In addition to the set design, they are also creating storage space for the auditorium!

    “If we have more time, we will also be building storage spaces for the stage and will be making it easier to organize things. Especially in the tool room.” said Sandau.

    Some people say that it’s a “blow off” class or an “easy A”, but that just isn’t the case. The class is made of hard-working students with a desire to learn and a teacher with a passion for theater.