The End of An Era, Cascone’s Meets Its Timely End

Anna Turnbull, Editor in Chief

The restaurant that has stood for 90 years is set to close for good on Thursday, February 28. Cascone’s Grill has been sold to the owner of Anton’s. The owner George Cascone said that the street car had a large impact on the decision. Parking fees have increased as well as rent, which has taken a huge hit on profits. The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. before it will lock its doors for the last time.

There is another local location on North Oak Trafficway, so Cascone’s will not be gone forever. Also, George Cascone will not go far. He will be moving back to the kitchen of the new and updated restaurant that is replacing the staple of the River Market.

“People are telling me about their grandparents that have been in here years ago and how nice I treated them and the good food they had. A lot of them have passed on and now I’m feeding their grandchildren,” said Cascone to Fox4 News.

Though this restaurant has been around for many years, the staff and new customers feel that it is time to update the space and make it into a popular hotspot once again.