Local Car Thefts Plague the Northland

Anna Turnbull, Editor in Chief

In many Northland neighborhoods, sightings off of ring doorbells, a security camera recording system, show many thieves checking car doors and attempting to unlock them.

The main target for thieves is running cars in the driveway, warming up for the upcoming morning drive.

According to KMBC News, the Shoal Creek Division had 26 stolen cars and 25 cases relating to robberies from autos.

The one that really blew my mind was when I pulled the stat for the December and November… and I had almost 53 stolen autos just in my district alone,” said Officer William Keeney, a Shoal Creek Patrol Division officer to KCTV5.

One of the main factors is having valuables in sight. Many auto theft cases occur due to criminals knowing what the car contains.

“Some of the automobiles that were unlocked [had] guns they could see inside the car in plain open sight. They also found laptops in open sight,” said Keeney.

Remember: be mindful of the possibilities before you leave your car unattended. Maybe park your car where it can be seen from a window, or just be a little uncomfortable on your drive to school in the morning to keep your valuables safe. Missouri police also always offer a free check of your home or auto to help find any vulnerabilities.