As Build Season Draws to a Close, the Robotics Team Prepares, Showcases

Alex Kalisz, Web Editor

“Kraveic’s favorite drink is Red Bull and he gets absolutely jacked on that stuff. It’s fuel for the season,” said junior Phil Realina, the junior CAD lead for the robotics team.

The first tournament for the Robotics team is March 9. It will a culmination of two and a half months work; their labor was fueled mostly by caffeine.

“We have been working for about five weeks now every day except Wednesday and Saturday. Our nights go to about eight o’clock,” said Realina. “I’ve been staying up until midnight for the last three weeks. It’s great!”  

The team has spent their late nights creating a robot to accomplish a specific mission assigned by the FIRST organization.

The task is to build a robot which puts balls into a rocket and closes the lid. It is called “Deep Space.” The team has designed the entire robot from scratch and built it themselves.

There will be an open night on Friday to show off the robots created by the Trobots and the Park Hill South team, the Electro-Magnetic Panthers. It will at the Park Hill library at 1:00 p.m..