Athletes for a Cause


Senior Devin Winston during a wrestling match.

Aleece Noble, Reporter

As many students may know, being a student-athlete can be rigorous. There are many things to squeeze into an athlete’s tight-knit schedule, but for the boys’ wrestling team, they make it happen.

Studies have shown that group volunteering not only helps enhance teamwork, commitment and leadership but also helps with the well-rounded aspects of life. The boys’ wrestling team gives back to youth wrestling during their off season in hopes to demonstrate solid role models to aspiring wrestlers, as majority of the boys also grew up participating in a youth wrestling program.

“I feel like it helps character more than like on the athletic side like you just build those relationships,” said senior Devin Winston.

Winston has been volunteering with youth wrestling since his freshman year.

“Now that I’m here [Park Hill] and I’m having some success, I feel like it’s pretty cool giving back to the club that you went through,” said Winston, who began at Greater Heights when he was 11.

The players not only find great joy in helping the younger boys on the mats, but they feel honored to be able to “give back.”

“…[for] them to have to break down individual techniques to show to a little kid, it helps them wrestling wise, and it’s fun,” said Head Wrestling Coach Jacob Beck.

Winston said his favorite part is “watching them grow and develop as wrestlers and young men. It’s just fun I guess like seeing somebody mature on and off the mat.”

The young boys and wrestlers develop a strong sense of friendship that they will remember forever.