Human of Park Hill: Sarah McKenna


Lauren Meschon and Zoe Cain

Real life super woman of Park Hill, Sarah McKenna, has been a teacher at Park Hill since 2012. Whether you’ve had her in class or not, you know the name. Despite McKenna having one of the busiest schedules ever seen, she is always prepared and comes to class with a smile on her face ready to teach.

McKenna graduated with an Education Specialist degree from William Woods in 2017 after her previous 3 degrees. She began teaching at Park Hill High School in 2012. Since being at Park Hill, she has became head of the English department and is the sponsor of multiple clubs and activities.

Mckenna sponsors Student Council and coaches volleyball as well as teaching 3 separate courses.

“I coach volleyball, which right now, is a lull as far as a main activity, but it’s still something I’m a part of, and I do some different things on different committees for central offices, still Park Hill related.”

Aside from Park Hill activities, she’s also in college working on her doctorate. When asked why she likes to keep so busy, she said, “I’m just kind of driven on the busy-ness.”

There’s still a big question on the table: is it ever too much?

“Definitely,” she said. “Sometimes I joke with other staff members that the week of Homecoming is just way too much.”

On her busy days, McKenna says she’s typically the last car in the parking lot.

“I wouldn’t want it [day] to be boring.”

She is also an AVID teacher. AVID is a college preparatory class that will stay together from freshman year to graduation. Both AVID classes are all girls, one is sophomore and one is senior. Teaching this type of class, you can develop a better bond between teacher and student, and she is always open to help out.

Junior Daniel Brinkmeyer agrees.

“Her work ethic is amazing, and she always has a smile!” he said.

McKenna wants to make a positive impact at Park Hill. Being such an involved teacher, she gets to see many students, all of whom will leave her classes with a different look on the courses that she teaches.