What Do Criminals Look For?

Ashlynn Baugher, Reporter

Seven seconds is all it takes for a criminal to decide on whether you are a good victim. What does the criminal look for? What makes a victim an easy target? How can you prevent yourself from being a victim of crime?

As weird as it seems they pay very close attention to the way you walk. Your strides can tell them different things about you that make you their next victim. Long strides means you are clumsy and short strides means you are vulnerable and weak. As you walk it is important to have good posture with your chin up and shoulder back. This shows that you are strong and not afraid, criminals don’t like that. The speed you walk is another factor- regulate your speed to the people around you. Walking too slow gives the criminal more time to find a good way to attack and walking too fast shows you are vulnerable and frightened. Criminals look for an easy target not something that might have a chance of winning. Walk with confidence and assertiveness, that will scare the criminal away.

There are plenty of other factors they keep an eye out for. Distraction is a large factor criminals will target. Many people believe talking on your phone will prevent an attacker but it actually gives them an advantage. A distracted victim gives the criminal time to gather a plan and makes it easier to sneak up on their victim.

Stay away from dark areas and do not take the same route home every day. Going the same route means you are predictable and gives the criminal the advantage once again. This gives them time to plan their attack. When you walk anywhere it is better to be accompanied by someone because it’s easier to over power one person rather than two. If you are ever lost do not appear lost! Stay confident and look as if you know exactly where you are to minimize the look of vulnerability.

Criminals may know how to take advantage of victims but now we have the advantage over them. We know what they look for and what makes their attack confident so lets kick that confidence out of them. With all of these tips we can prevent ourselves from being a victim of crime.