Paranormal Playoffs

The Chiefs continue to play hard

Anna Turnbull, Editor in Chief

The Chiefs had an exceptional win last Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts. The final score was 31-13. It has been 9,134 days since the Chiefs won their last playoff game. Making it even more compelling, the Chiefs and Colts both had the same number of victories at Arrowhead Stadium. Therefore, pulling all of the facts together, did the Chiefs overcome a home game playoff curse? There were so many doubts collected that even hired a paranormal investigator to explore the theory. The investigator reported that there were negative paranormal in the stadium and came across the ghost of Hank Stram, a legendary Chiefs coach.

The Chiefs overcame their “curse” and won the playoff game. Their next game will be against the New England Patriots on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. Let’s hope there’s no curse for the conference championships!