Logan’s Capsule Reviews: Ta13oo

Logan Coats, Reporter

Denzel CurryTa13oo                                                     8.2/10

At the end of the day, the biggest strength a musician can have is versatility. As times change, trends come and go, and you need to adapt your sound to them in order to survive. South-Floridian rapper Denzel Curry has always been known for his gritty hardcore trap rap style, a field which he is incredibly skilled in. On Ta13oo, though, Curry realizes that the struggle for versatility is a key factor for staying relevant in the ever-changing rap game. Two-thirds of the album goes for a melodic, mellowed-out change of pace, a complete U-turn from what Denzel had been known for. Despite the drastic change of style in these tracks, he mostly succeeds at the endeavor despite a few duds. The man still needs time to flesh out his new sound, as the tracks that stick to Curry’s roots still remain the most memorable.

Favorite Track: Black Metal Terrorist  

Highlights: Taboo, Black Balloons, Sumo, Mad I Got It, Percs, Vengeance          

Least Favorite Track: Cash Maniac