Boston Brass Brings Band Together

Park Hill's band plays alongside the Boston Brass


With the holiday season fast approaching, Boston Brass performed their arrangement of music ranging from Christmas tunes to popular hits on Park Hill's stage at the December concert.

Haylee Harrell and Dana Labart

The concert on Dec 11 was not the typical band concert. By the time the lights dimmed at 7 p.m., the school’s auditorium was packed to capacity to see not only the Trojan bands but also Boston Brass.

The first song the Boston Brass played was with concert band and called An Epic Expedition. In addition to an Epic Expedition, Boston Brass played Prelude and Fantasy with the symphonic band, making it a total of two songs played with Park Hill’s musicians.

Sophomore Julius Briscoe said, “It was an honor and privilege to play with them [Boston Brass].”

The band students had a unique opportunity to not just rehearse and play with Boston Brass, but also to get to talk to them.

“It was really cool, really fun and a great learning experience,” junior Jonah Boyd said. “It was especially interesting to rehearse with them. They had a lot of insight and a lot to say to help us out and improve.”

Freshman Ellie Farmer also commented on the experience.

“Playing with a more advanced musician, I’ve learned, is one of the best ways to gain experience. You mindlessly find yourself copying and following them as if they set a guideline for you,” said Farmer. 

Boyd is in symphonic band and plays the clarinet. He said that one thing that really stuck with him was that the Boston Brass, “taught us a lot about not just pursuing a music career, but just pursuing music in life.”

The members of Boston Brass, Jeff Conner, William Russell, Jose Sibaja, Domingo Pagliuca and Chris Castellanos, also played over six songs after intermission. Some of those being Blues for Ben, Nutcracker, Caravan and Jingle Bells Forever.

After playing several songs together, the Boston Brass showcase they’re individual musical talent. The solos included Russell playing the tuba, Conner playing the trumpet, Pagliuca playing the trombone and Castellanos playing the french horn.

Sibaja also had a solo playing the trumpet, and after his performance, all of the Park Hill trumpet players were standing up in the crowd applauding him.

The entire auditorium was filled with a buzz of excitement and wonder at the concert ended. Guests were impressed not just by Boston Brass, but also by the student’s performances.

“It went very well. All the bands played exceptionally,” said Boyd. “My own grandmother said this was the best music we’ve ever played since I’ve been at Park Hill.”