Then VS Now: The School Files

Jordan West, Reporter

Our parents grew up in a whole different generation than us. That makes it seem like the way we’re growing up is so much different than when they were growing up. But, is it really that much different?

“Technology is definitely dominant, especially in this generation, but I feel like we are too dependent on it,” said Cameron Harrell, sophomore. “It has improved our lives significantly but at the same time it has made us very socially distant.”

A big difference in the way we’re growing up now is the advanced technology we have available to us. 

“Most people have personal cellular devices,” said Cameron. “They’re really smart, you can have any amount of information at the tip of your fingers.”

This is unlike the technology our parents grew up with.

“Most people had pagers,” said Brandi Harrell-James, Park Hill graduate of 1997. “Cell phones were very new, they were only for businessmen and really rich people.”

Brandi said she rarely used technology when she was growing up. She learned basic computer skills but not much more. Cameron, on the other hand, uses technology multiple times a day. When using technology nowadays, a big part of it is social media. 

“I feel like if you’re not up to date with the latest social media trend then you’re sort of an outsider,” said Cameron. “If I meet somebody new and we get to know each other and want to stay connected, we ask for what each other’s snapchat or instagram is and if you don’t have it, you’re sort of behind the curve.”

Social media allows us to stay connected. 

“I think using social media to connect with each other is good, especially now because of the whole social distancing thing we can use it as an outlet to communicate the same way we would inside of school,” said Cameron. 

One thing is for sure: technology has affected us growing up now a lot more than it did when our parents were growing up. 

“I don’t think technology affected me at all when I was growing up,” said Brandi. “We were home for dinner every night and if anyone called there weren’t a lot of secrets, TVs were not anything like how they are now and if you missed a show then you missed it forever.” 

Everything was very simple. Somewhat like how it is now, only different struggles and problems.

“My biggest struggle growing up was that I socialized too much,” said Brandi. “My teachers used to write comments on my report cards that said that I socialized too much.”

Right now, we are facing new generational problems.

“In previous generations I don’t think they’ve had near the amount of cyber bullying that we have,” said Cameron. “You can cyber bully someone without even realizing it and people do it all the time.”

With all of these differences in our generations, what’s ironic is that it could’ve happened to any generation.

“I think the same exact thing that’s happening right now could have happened twenty years ago,” said Brandi. “But, it didn’t and I’m glad it didn’t because we got to know each other, not each other’s profile.”