COVID-19 Postpones Spring Sports

Elisha Holliman, Reporter

     Many spring sports have had their seasons postponed due to the coronavirus. Cheer tryouts, dance, track and field, and girls soccer practice have all been pushed back. 

     “This was my last high school track season and I was really looking forward to it. I was hoping to set some new PR’s and finish off my high school track career strong,” said senior Teresa Thomas.

     Having the first meet of the season canceled made it even harder for some track and field athletes.

     “I just started track and field this year, but I feel as though I’ve already improved so much and I was really looking forward to the first meet to see how I did,” said freshman Chris Roberson.

     Cheer tryouts have been postponed which has made some of the seniors very worried.

     “I took a year off from cheer and I was really excited to start back up but since tryouts got pushed back, it’s been difficult to stay positive,” said junior Kathryn Eisler.

     Some of the cheer girls are ready to put in the work they believe is necessary to keep the team going.

     “All of the next year seniors, including myself, have been posting workouts and stretches in a group chat for the girls trying out. This way we all can stay in shape during this pandemic,” said Eisler.

    Dance tryouts were held the week before students were released for spring break leaving the girls with no other practice time with one another.

     “I was really looking forward to starting off this new season with all of my friends. Dance is my passion and it’s what makes me happy, but being able to dance with girls that I love and who I know have my back just makes it so much better,” said sophomore Callie Rupp.

     Early practices getting canceled has been hard on some of the incoming seniors.

     “It has been tough, but we’ve been having online practices through Zoom and I think it’s really helping the girls especially since we haven’t seen each other in such a long time,” said junior Annemarie Jones.

    While the soccer season has not been canceled, the first few games of the season have been.

     “I made varsity this year and I was really excited about this season, but since practice has been pushed back, it’s been difficult to stay positive about what’s going to happen with the rest of the season,” said junior Morgan Woodward.

     Some baseball players have been greatly affected by the season getting canceled.

     “For me personally being a senior, this was my last season. I don’t plan on playing in college, so this was it for me. To see it end this way is extremely sad,” said senior Jake Evans.

     Although these athletes have had to take time off from their sports, some of them are still staying active.

     “It’s been really difficult to work out without having cheer practice every day. It has given me the opportunity to do some at home workouts though! Taking runs or even just walks around my neighborhood has been awesome. It’s good exercise and it gives me time to take mental breaks and relax throughout the day,” said junior Gracie Rodriguez.