A Review of Yves Tumor’s New Album, “Heaven To A Tortured Mind”

Reiden Ogden, Reporter and Music Columnist

Yves Tumor has an extremely eclectic style that bleeds into every aspect of his audio and visual output. Tumor’s third album balances the line of nostalgia and futurism with an energetic fervor. Using every corner of the sonic spectrum in such unique and visceral ways, Tumor is almost impossible to categorize into one particular genre. Influences range from experimental noise rock and grunge to modern art-pop and electronic. These sounds are melded together seamlessly by Tumor’s fantastic voice and animated delivery that cuts through each track like a buzzsaw. 

The production on ‘Heaven To a Tortured Mind’ almost convinces the listener that they, themselves, have a tortured mind; the track ‘Dream Palette’ opens up with 40 seconds of fireworks, explosions and reverberating audio chaos leading into an insanely fuzzy bass riff and vocal hook that is one of my favorite parts of the album. Towards the end of the tracklist on tracks like ‘Folie Imposée’ and ‘Asteroid Blues’ there’s a shift to a more mellow and ethereal feel, but these songs end up sounding a bit dull. Tumor is at his best when he pairs his eccentric style with more dynamic high-powered songwriting. Tumor has capitalized on the potential of his previous albums in almost every way. This project accomplishes the task of being as accessible and enjoyable as it is strange.