Who is at risk for COVID-19?

Haylee Harrell, Editor in Chief


As the number of infected grows increasingly large daily, it’s important to understand the demographics that are most at risk for Coronavirus. COVID-19 is a new disease and there is limited information regarding risk factors for severe disease, however, based on currently available information collected by the CDC, older adults and people with underlying conditions are at risk. 

“Social distancing for elderly plays a vital role in reducing the risk of coronavirus exposure,” said SYNERGY HomeCare on their site. 

In addition to older adults, 65 years and older, people with Moderate to Severe Asthma or HIV are at higher risk for severe illness. 

“Because I’m asthmatic, I self isolate for my own sake. I sort of envy those that can disregard such a serious situation because I am relatively incapable of doing so,” said a student who suffers from asthma. 

If you suffer from asthma, it is recommended by the CDC to stock up on supplies, take everyday precautions to keep a ‘bubble’ around yourself and others, avoid sharing household items such as cups and towels and, most importantly, stay at home when possible. 

“I am currently on day 24 of quarantine. My household has been taking the situation very seriously,” said the student.
For those who suffer from HIV, it is recommended to stay at home and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.