March Music

Reiden Ogden, Reporter and Music Columnist

Certified hit maker, The Weeknd, released his album ‘After Hours’ in March. The album sees Abel, aka The Weeknd, shift his sound to a poppier mainstream sound while adding elements of electronic and dance music. The best tracks include Faith, Heartless and the title track, After Hours.

Alternative pop singer Orion Sun dropped her debut album ‘Hold Space For Me’, a mellow, laid back take on hip hop with some fantastic melodies from Orion Sun and a few bars making their way onto the album as well. The tracks Lightning and Coffee For Dinner are standouts. 

Legendary rapper Jay Electronica has made a name for himself by holding a high place in the world of hip hop without ever dropping an official album- until now. A Written Testimony is the amalgamation of Jay’s life into one unique, superb album. The lyrics and penmanship on this record are second to none this year.